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Down by ten—with a fourth quarter deficit that had never previously been overcome in Super Bowl history-- the New England Patriots began twelve of the best minutes of football they had played this season. How can a team that seemed so defeated-- a team that mid-way through the third quarter, NFL mics picked up Seattle defender Richard Sherman say, “His heart’s gone” – pull themselves together...

The start of UEFA Euro 2016

UEFA Euro 2016, the most important national team sports competition in Europe, comes to life just two months after the end of the FIFA World Cup. This soccer competition will take place in France and it will showcase some interesting projects, or teams trying out new lineups and formations for the first time.

Championship Strong

After lifting the eventual game winning grand slam into the October night, Shane Victorino gave a post-game interview with his son on his shoulder, shouting to the Fenway Faithful, “Boston Strong!”

Top 10 in the Last 10 Years: NBA Draft Steals

Each year in June the National Basketball Association holds its draft for the 30 teams that are in the league. There are two rounds, 60 picks and usually each team will have two picks per draft.

NYC gains twentieth football club in MLS

Major League Soccer (MLS) announced its 20th team on May 21. Many cities looked to make a bid for the expansion spot, but in the end, New York City ended up winning the league’s latest opening. New York City Football Club will make its debut in the MLS in 2015.

NBC snatches rights to Barclays Premier League

NBC Universal, in a deal first announced in October 2012, now holds the exclusive rights to the Barclays Premier League across all media platforms in the United States. The deal is reportedly worth $250 million over three years, according to a Sports Illustrated report, which dwarfs the $23 million per year deal ending this season that Fox currently pays.

Breaking Down the Hex

You cheered on the U.S. in their snowy victory against Costa Rica, stood with them in the agony of defeat in Honduras and felt very high and low in a gutsy performance to earn the “Golden Point” in Estadio Azteca against Mexico. Great! Now what does it all mean?

Teams With The Most To Prove This MLB Season

The Major League Baseball season is quickly approaching, and for every team it is imperative that progress is made from the year before. This does not mean that all teams realistically have a shot or believe they can compete for a World Series. Rather, teams want to look for improvement, and prove to the rest of the league that they can be a force in their own right.

Too Much To Handle? Balotelli Leaving Man City and Coming Home

For those of you reading this who do not avidly follow soccer as I do, Mario Balotelli would be soccer’s equivalent to Dennis Rodman. He is immensely talented, but at the same time a loose cannon.

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