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Self-portrait by Monica ShulmanIf any of you have considered changing majors, or foresee a possible career shift in your future, pay close attention to this interview. Photographer Monica Shulman started out as a lawyer. She has now been featured in several gallery shows and holds a strong commercial following on the web. Here she is for a virtual career's day, otherwise known as The...

Band Q+A: The Felice Brothers

The Felice Brothers just came out with a new album, Yonder is the Clock, on April 7. And minutes before the band took the stage at Castaways in Ithaca, NY Imprint's Sherry Shen spoke with band member, James Felice.

The Professionals: GQ Writer, Cole Louison

Image by Terry LouisonImage by Terry Louison

In the middle of his so-called "ape-shit crazy" week (a.k.a. shipping week) at GQ Magazine, Ithaca College alumnus and GQ contributer, Cole Louison sat down with Imprint. Here, he talks about what really prepared him for the industry and what his average day is like working for a top publication while freelancing for others, like The New York Times

Cheap Eats: Top Chefs Talk Restaurant Week

Once a year, high-end restaurants in every major U.S. city open their menus for a week of slash-priced meals, at around thirty dollars a head. This, splurge-deprived restaurant-goers, is called Restaurant Week. Clientele shifts, tables fill, and dishes like foie gras with fig are eaten, guiltlessly, in excess.

The Professionals: Magazine Writer, Joanna Goddard

The Professionals is a new Imprint column, where we invite people with established careers to confess about their professional lives. Think of it like a virtual careers' day.

First up is Joanna Goddard, a magazine writer living in New York City. She currently blogs for Glamour, and runs her own personal blog, Cup of Jo. She also freelances for media powerhouses, like New York Magazine and Elle.

Image Courtesy of Joanna Goddard

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