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Don't panic: All Time Low is back

Pop-rock band All Time Low’s most recent album “Don’t Panic” provides longtime listeners with a sound and feel similar to its 2007 album “So Wrong, It’s Right:” melodies and backbeats that tie tracks together, poetic hooks and inventive track titles. “Don’t Panic” attracts new supporters to the band’s music while keeping long-standing fans close at heart.

The record’s first single, “The Reckless and the Brave,” details the cliché life of a rebel without a cause, and appeals to All Time Low’s main audience: high school students, who stereotypically ache for a chance to break free from home. The second verse calls out this audience, singing “Breaking out of a town called Suburbia / I remember everybody always saying, / ‘Little brat / Must be crazy / Never make it in our vicious little world.’” The track establishes that All Time Low belongs in the genre by acknowledging that angsty, high school audience.

The record then delves into a myriad of styles drawn together by the drum techniques of Rian Dawson and eloquence of lead singer Alex Gaskarth. Each melody is different than the track before; some using dubstep beats while others using violins and cellos. However, each song has a distinctive melody and beat that supports it, allowing fans to whistle the tune after just a few listens.

For loyal All Time Low fans, the new album revives incredible memories of well-known tracks “Dear Maria, Count Me In” and “Jasey Rae.” New listeners will enjoy “Don’t Panic” just as much because of their idiosyncratic style and obvious talent.


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