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By Katie Quan and Sage Daugherty We’ve pulled a few highlights of the album and it was SUCH a hard decision. The songs not featured in this review were great too, but we tried to make it short and sweet for everyone. That being said: if you want to go listen to “Wonderland" (featured on the deluxe album) or “All You Had To Do Was Stay,” that would be a pretty excellent choice on your part. And...

Feminist anthems to live by

Feminism is rocking our world – quite literally. From Emma Watson’s United Nations speech to social media sites to international fights for gender equality to pop culture, it’s an issue that is constantly discussed.

Paul McCartney celebrates 5 years with Meat Free Mondays

This September, Meat Free Mondays, an organization that encourages people to take a pledge to cut meat out of their diets every Monday, celebrated its 5th anniversary. Meat Free Mondays advocates for the “health and environmental benefits of going meatless” through organizing a worldwide pledge to skip meat consumption one day a week.

I know I'm not your favorite record: Falling in and out of love with Fall Out Boy

If you had to pick one band that defined the mid 2000’s, you might pick Blink-182, a band known for their fast paced rhythms and feel good lyrics. However, if you were also into lyrics that seemed to let on more than the song’s otherwise peppy music suggested, the band to go for was Fall Out Boy.

What's that Sound? The Mustard Hey

You're not imagining it. That endless chorus of "Hey! Hey! Hey!" you're hearing in the background of one song after another is really there, and it's as unchanging as it sounds.

Justin Bieber's Music Mondays Revitalize Death of the Album Discussion

In mid-October, Justin Bieber surprised his legions of fans with a low-key Twitter announcement that he would be a releasing a new song every Monday for 10 weeks. The series of "Music Monday" singles, which Bieber is referring to as his "#journals," serve to promote the singer's second feature film, but are not attached to an album.

Beyonce: is Good Music the New Marketing?

It was a rough year for album sales and pop divas have been hit the hardest: Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears all disappointed with their first weeks on sale. Kelly Clarkson's Christmas album was outsold by the cast of Duck Dynasty, and Miley Cyrus' albums sales don't reflect the size of hit singles "We Can't Stop" and "Wrecking Ball."

2013's Best Mixtapes

Mixtapes can be a golden resource for any hip-hop artist. They can be a springboard for new ideas and mediums by which big artists can try out new styles with no record label interference. A mixtape is essentially a “free album,” meaning the same length and style as a typical album but available to the public at no cost.

She's Just Being Miley: The Making of a Superstar Era

In its 2008 episode "Britney's New Look," South Park made a very bold prediction, naming Miley Cyrus the heir to Britney Spears' throne in the center of the media circus. Cyrus' career had been fairly innocent up to that point; her Disney hit Hannah Montana was still in its second of four seasons and her pole-dancing performance of "Party in the USA" on the VMAs was still a year away.

Lorde: A New Type of Indie Heroine

"It feels so scary getting old" is not the lament of a typical 16-year-old, and yet it's the unexpectedly affecting refrain of Lorde's "Ribs," a standout track on her impressive debut album Pure Heroine.

Music Should Be Enough

“Music should be enough!” tweeted Sebastian Ingrosso, a former member of the popular group Swedish House Mafia. This tweet was in response to the recent heart-breaking news in the electronic dance music scene.

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