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Life and Style

What the recent cosmic phenomena mean for your life I’m a skeptic when it comes to astrology. Yet, since the spring equinox, solar eclipse, and Supermoon coincided on the same night, curiosity led me to research how these celestial events may impact those of us on Earth. The widespread cultural beliefs conclude that these events signify a transition into a period of change, innovation, and...

Back off, Barbie: Lammily is a new symbol of positive body image

Like many other girls my age, I grew up playing with Barbie dolls. I had a couple of different ones, a Barbie car, and the crown jewel of my collection, the Malibu dream house. These dolls were the main source of my entertainment and it is definitely safe to assume that these dolls were an integral part of my growing up and I never though twice about the problems the dolls could cause.

The booty is officially in style

Tush. Glutes. Derrier. Rump. Whatever you want to call it, the woman’s butt is a topic of discussion. It’s glorified in music and advertisements, not mention people spending hours debating which bootylicious celeb’s backside is real or fake.

On fashion and education

Before becoming an Integrated Marketing Communications major with the intention of entering the fashion industry, I made every attempt to select a more “acceptable” career goal. I thought about being a therapist, dietitian, and any other “acceptable” professions. In retrospect, I’m embarrassed that I focused so much energy on individual perceptions of me and my passions.

Phone Addiction - Removing Yourself

A Huffington Post article quoted a Time magazine survey where 84 percent of 5,000 participants worldwide said they, “...could not go a single day without their cell phone.” And our addictions don’t take a break.

Olympic Drinking Games

The crowd roars. Excitement fills the air. Athletes from around the world march through Sochi waving to the crowd. The Olympic torch is ignited. And perhaps, more enthusiastically, alcohol flows among the millions of viewers around the world.

Three Months to Victory: Training for a Half Marathon

Are you looking to test your physical and mental stamina, but not quite ready to commit to a grueling 26.2-mile marathon? At 13.1 miles, the half marathon is ideal for those looking for a more flexible way to challenge themselves beyond the typical 5 or 10K. In comparison to a full marathon, the process of training for a half marathon is much speedier.

Crowded Gym? No Problem!

Have you ever walked into the gym, energized, Nikes laced, water bottle in hand, only to stop dead at the sight of the crowd? You want to embrace this motivation that rarely comes around, but every piece of equipment is crawling with other students. So you stand there among the other gym-goers trying to stakeout a treadmill. But time passes and nothing opens up. Now what?

Best Natural Energy Boosters

It’s summer. The air is hot, the pool is cool, and the beach is calling your name! With so many worthwhile activities going on this season, you don’t want to miss out due to fatigue. If you’re up late during summer nights, you want to make sure you’re up during the day as well.

Generation Adderall: America’s most popular study drug

By Cady Lang and Ryan Sharpstene

In a small, stuffy six-person dorm suite, Jon*, an Ithaca College sophomore, takes a deep breath as he looks down at the piles of exams and essays he’s required to complete.

The instant-release Adderall pill he took hours before has kicked into his bloodstream and Jon is now more focused on his work than he is afraid.

Six Things To Do This Summer (That Aren't Internships)

There are plenty of reasons you may have passed up an internship this summer. Maybe you don’t have enough experience to get your dream internship; maybe you waited too long to apply; maybe you live in a small town over the summer, or you can’t afford not to be paid. Whatever the reason an internship isn’t in the cards for you this summer, there are plenty of other options.

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