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Campus Compliments

It’s a growing trend on Facebook and it has spread across the country from coast to coast. Compliment pages have been set up on college campuses nationwide, aiming to make your day a little better with a kind word of inspiration and thanks.

The concept is quite simple: you send a message to the administrator of the page with the message and name of the person you’re wishing to compliment and they will post it anonymously.
While it may not seem like a whole lot, the effect it has on an average college student is remarkable. At many institutions the number of people who “like” these pages on Facebook has reached over 1,000—making the outreach of a single compliment huge to all users on Facebook.

This originally started as a social experiment at Queen’s University in Canada. The page they operate on has reached Facebook’s friend limit, and now they can only accept subscribers. This model was also followed at Yale, Columbia, Ithaca, USC, Harvard, and Northwestern. The response from all of the individual pages is noteworthy.

“I absolutely love the Fredonia Compliments Facebook page. I think that it's great that everyone has so many nice things to say to everyone,” said Fredonia junior Becca Kent. “It is really wonderful to be a part of such a friendly campus. I believe that so many people have great things to say about others, but sometimes we just don't have a chance to say them to people,” Kent added.

“The concept is great. Little things like a simple compliment mean a lot to people. And I like that it's anonymous; the mystery makes it kind of exciting,” said Syracuse junior Amanda Stromecki. “It makes you happy to even read other peoples' compliments. It kind of restores your faith in humanity that there are genuine people out there who care and are willing to express their appreciation for other people,” she notes. “And the fact that it's one more outlet to procrastinate with doesn't hurt either,” Stromecki joked.

The trend keeps growing across the nation in hopes of making someone’s day that much brighter. So take a moment out of your busy day and write a short note about someone who has made a difference in your life. And you’ll never know who will end up paying the favor forward to you.


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