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Life and Style

What the recent cosmic phenomena mean for your life I’m a skeptic when it comes to astrology. Yet, since the spring equinox, solar eclipse, and Supermoon coincided on the same night, curiosity led me to research how these celestial events may impact those of us on Earth. The widespread cultural beliefs conclude that these events signify a transition into a period of change, innovation, and...

Back off, Barbie: Lammily is a new symbol of positive body image

Like many other girls my age, I grew up playing with Barbie dolls. I had a couple of different ones, a Barbie car, and the crown jewel of my collection, the Malibu dream house. These dolls were the main source of my entertainment and it is definitely safe to assume that these dolls were an integral part of my growing up and I never though twice about the problems the dolls could cause.

World Trade Center mall to open in 2015

In November 2014, One World Trade Center —also known as The Freedom Tower, in Lower Manhattan opened its doors for the first time marking the rebirth of New York City’s financial epicenter. Sometime during the second half of 2015, Westfield Group will be premiering their 365,000 square foot, $1.4 billion retail mall.

College freshman survival guide

In your senior year of high school, colleges bombard you with pamphlets, flyers, letters, postcards, and emails about how to prepare for your first year. Though when you finally set foot on campus, shiny new notebooks in hand, everything can suddenly become overwhelming. According to U.S.

The booty is officially in style

Tush. Glutes. Derrier. Rump. Whatever you want to call it, the woman’s butt is a topic of discussion. It’s glorified in music and advertisements, not mention people spending hours debating which bootylicious celeb’s backside is real or fake.

On fashion and education

Before becoming an Integrated Marketing Communications major with the intention of entering the fashion industry, I made every attempt to select a more “acceptable” career goal. I thought about being a therapist, dietitian, and any other “acceptable” professions. In retrospect, I’m embarrassed that I focused so much energy on individual perceptions of me and my passions.

MOFAD: When it's ok to play with your food

Everyone eats and everyone should care about food. This is a core value believed to be true by the creators of the Museum of Food and Drink – a project currently under construction. MOFAD started out as an idea on the website Kickstarter by its founders Dave Arnold and Peter Kim who created the concept of a food museum with interactive exhibits.

10 things to do after graduation

So, it’s the August after graduation. You feel pretty odd driving down the highway passing by SUVs and Hondas filled to their roofs with new comforters, mini-fridges, and collapsible shelving units, while you’re just out on a sneaker-purchasing venture with your Mom. Just me? OK. But still, my point is that the period of time following graduation can feel quite strange.

Muah Ha Ha-ppy Costuming! What Outfits Can You Expect To See This Halloween?

Can you feel the chill in the air? If so, it’s because Halloween is closing in on us like a stalking wolf in the black of night. Also creeping up is the time left to decide how to dress for the most ghoulish night of the year.

Phone Addiction - Removing Yourself

A Huffington Post article quoted a Time magazine survey where 84 percent of 5,000 participants worldwide said they, “...could not go a single day without their cell phone.” And our addictions don’t take a break.

Tinder vs. Grindr: Who Wins?

Looking for that special someone? Don’t have a lot of time to do it? Think online and “traditional” dating are outdated? Enter two of the most popular dating apps. You may have heard of Grindr and Tinder. You may even use them. These types of apps are constantly growing in popularity and users, for those who not only want a hookup, but maybe a steady relationship.

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