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Ithaca College

Like many other girls my age, I grew up playing with Barbie dolls. I had a couple of different ones, a Barbie car, and the crown jewel of my collection, the Malibu dream house. These dolls were the main source of my entertainment and it is definitely safe to assume that these dolls were an integral part of my growing up and I never though twice about the problems the dolls could cause. Fast...

Focus loses focus between cons and romance

Starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie, Focus thrusts viewers inside the mysterious world of conmen. Smith is Nicky Spurgeon, a seasoned thief who specializes in lifts, deception, and favors for powerful professionals. Stay small, stay under the radar. That’s Nicky’s business philosophy. So is staying focused.

He's not for she: Emma Watson champions gender equality (without Prince Harry)

Emma Watson is a goddess among us mere mortals in this world. Now that the Harry Potter Series is over, it seems like she has dominated every aspect of life, one step at a time (in only eight pairs of shoes apparently). As a fashion icon, Emma absolutely ravages each and every award show. It’s a complete slaughter when she walks the red carpet, and everybody knows it.

11 classic song covers you know better than the originals

It might sound abstract, subjective or even a little made up, but rather than the formal elements of pop music recording, it is important to talk about a flavor, a feel, or simply a sound. The right sound for a specific song one of those “I don’t know what it is, but I know it when I hear it” phenomena.

#Snowpocalypse2015: The official playlist

Amid snow days, the brutal winds, the feet of white-gray slush piling high, there is rarely any sanctuary from the cold that seems to constantly exist in our toes. Snowpocalypse is real. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do about the weather that just seems to get worse. Fortunately, we can sit inside, drink hot beverages, and listen to some awesome music.

Hogwarts student becomes a Disney princess

In the wake of other live action fairytale retellings — like 2010’s Alice in Wonderland and the upcoming Cinderella, opening March 13 — Disney Studios has announced that Emma Watson is signed on to play Belle in a new live action version of Beauty and the Beast.

Saying goodbye to the Bravermans

Well…I don’t even know how to start this. Let’s be real, I don’t even want to start this. I put off watching the series finale of Parenthood for almost 2 weeks — using the fact that I’m studying abroad in London and very busy with classes, work etc., as an excuse. And finally, I decided to watch it. I called in sick from work, due to a very bad cold (I actually feel like death.

College freshman survival guide

In your senior year of high school, colleges bombard you with pamphlets, flyers, letters, postcards, and emails about how to prepare for your first year. Though when you finally set foot on campus, shiny new notebooks in hand, everything can suddenly become overwhelming. According to U.S.

The booty is officially in style

Tush. Glutes. Derrier. Rump. Whatever you want to call it, the woman’s butt is a topic of discussion. It’s glorified in music and advertisements, not mention people spending hours debating which bootylicious celeb’s backside is real or fake.

On fashion and education

Before becoming an Integrated Marketing Communications major with the intention of entering the fashion industry, I made every attempt to select a more “acceptable” career goal. I thought about being a therapist, dietitian, and any other “acceptable” professions. In retrospect, I’m embarrassed that I focused so much energy on individual perceptions of me and my passions.

Walking in Leelah’s shoes: non-transgender student wears a dress and flats for a day

On Dec. 28 Leelah Alcorn committed suicide in Ohio due to her parents not respecting her gender identity wishes.

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