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Interested in Working for Imprint?

We're Always Open

Imprint Magazine is seeking contributors in nearly every facet.

Want to be a feature writer for an emerging designer on fashion week? How about follow a football player from the ranks of D-3 football, to pulling in touchdowns from Peyton Manning? Maybe you're into sippin' on ginger ale with RJD2. Basically, anything you can think of, we're into covering. If it's college culture, it's Imprint.

But we're not just writers. With our new site powered by Drupal, Imprint is expanding into the true realm of online entertainment with videos, webisodes, video blogs, slick graphic design, and photography.

We're reaching out to other campuses, from our roots at Ithaca College. Since our inception in 2004, we have expanded our contributer-base to Indiana University, Columbia College Chicago and the University of Missouri. We want to help you make your Imprint, too.

Email Editor-in-Chief, Kyle D. James (icimprintmag@gmail.com), if you're interested.