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Since I was five, I used to pop out the lenses of my sunglasses, and walk around carrying books upside down pretending I was reading. I always wanted glasses so I could truly belong in the library ocular camouflage for the astute eager to add a "professional" accessory to my vintage, seven-year-old appearance. So when I couldn't see the chalkboard, I called my mom immediately drove to Pearl...

Just Another Break-Up Poem

This was the first place entry in the Creative Writing: Poetry section of Imprint Magazine's Fall 2012 writing contest.

Give give give, take 

Wait hope pray, take
I wonder why the balance is unequal
When in fact the answer has always 

Been quite simple
A house of cards can only survive for so long


Months spent on I miss you’s

A 2012-2013 Welcome Back Advice from Yours Truly

Hello there ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to another (or first) year of Ithaca College. I invite you all to “ooh” and “aah” at this time, for there will be no more “oohing” and “aahing” afterwards.

And now that you have finished your marveling, let me break this down to you.


My heart was changing unwillingly.
Bass boomed through my breast plate to my loyal heart.
I pressed hard on my chest,
like a victim in the midst of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.
I fight to continue staring ahead and not to move back.
This is where you--
when we--
where I--
When my life was altered permanently and unwillingly.

Because We’re Curious

Walt Disney once said, “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

My More than Me Mission: Entry 5

Favorite moments in Liberia:

- spending time with Abigail, giving each other glitter tattoos and swimming
- doing home visits for 20 students
- hearing them sing and greet teachers in the morning
- hearing the girls tell me they will miss me
- driving on Cyrus's motor bike
- holding the girls on my last day during the group lesson

East to West: A Jersey girl goes to Hollywood

Author's Note: This series featured in Imprint Magazine is a collection of articles based on my travels in Los Angeles. I am here as a part of the Ithaca College Los Angeles program where I’ll be interning at Misher Films and Don Buchwald and Associates-Fortitude. Through the program and my internships I’m able to experience many of the iconic monuments that define Hollywood.

My More than Me Mission: Entry 4

It's official, tonight I experienced my FAVORITE moment in Liberia! I hung out with Abigail, a More Than Me star student who graduated from our program, and tonight we are having a sleepover! Just me and her hanging out together, she she is telling me her story and about Liberian culture. THIS is exactly what I came here for!

My More than Me Mission: Entry 3

Today was even better than yesterday! I absolutely love it in Liberia and after today I know that I will most definitely go back to America with a completely different outlook on so many aspects of my life. And I've only been here for 2 days :) before I start, I need to apologize for misspelling some words in my last post, like "firms" Instead of "girls".

My More than Me Mission: Entry 2

I LOVE LIBERIA! I am finally here!!! Its 7pm on Monday in Monrovia Liberia. I wrote down everything I could think of to tell all of you! Right now I'm on the couch in our apartment, so grateful that we have Wifi here!

Cryptic Canvas

Here lies on the ground a sunset scene
Red hues smeared with the grass green
The sun was close to hugging its horizon deep
But instead hugged an invisible white

He was set to embrace the white hills
So he locked the knob and made the kill
To kill his past would mean future thrills
But instead thrusts him into present freight

He did, not set, but fell head first

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