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Culture and Politics

With the multitudinous social justice issues across the world, the presidential race for 2016 has been quite controversial. From Trump’s constant slandering remarks to Clinton’s e-mail fiasco, the race has certainly been compelling. So, is Bernie Sanders the real deal? Moral Stability Sanders is consistent with his morals and stances. Many politicians have a history of saying one thing to get...

Walking in Leelah’s shoes: non-transgender student wears a dress and flats for a day

On Dec. 28 Leelah Alcorn committed suicide in Ohio due to her parents not respecting her gender identity wishes.

Hyperlocal news as a community resource

“She was very nice!” Patti Butler exclaimed. “Very sensitive to the issues, saying, ‘Is it ok if I ask you such and such?’ She pretty much stayed on target with what the foundation was about, what our goals were with Art Against Abuse, and I felt very comfortable with what we talked about.”

A Lonely Life for the Pardoned Turkey

Every Thanksgiving, since George H.W. Bush’s first official pardon in 1989, a turkey has been saved by the president. I like to picture the White House turkeys grazing on a sunny pasture, living out their glory years as a kind of recompense for the millions who shared a different fate.

NRA Debates: Shootings Due to Guns or the Mentally Ill?

February stands as the only month in 2013 that a mass shooting has not occurred in the United States. This year, there have been at least sixteen “mass shootings,” defined by the FBI as a shooting which kills four or more people. The most recent took place at the Washington Navy Yard in Washington D.C. The shooter was named as 34-year-old Aaron Alexis.

Race to 2016: Volume 1

It may only be the end of Summer 2013, but it sure feels like we're entering the fall of 2016. Speculations are already being made as to who will be in the running to become the most powerful man (or woman) in the world. Political analysts have been throwing out names of potential presidential candidates for both the GOP and the Democratic Party.

The Summer of Equality

With Summer 2013 nearly gone, it has reigned one of the best summers for marriage equality. Within the first 14 days of May, three states had passed bills to legalize marriage quality. Rhode Island, Delaware and Minnesota were almost joined by Illinois as the latest states to allow same-sex couples to be married.

Where in the world is Edward Snowden?

If I had to guess where one could find Edward Snowden, I would say that he’s probably deep in a Kevlar factory, stitching himself a few pairs of bulletproof trousers.

Even with the possibility of death, Mandela's lessons will live on

“If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner.”

Susan Patton: Anti-Feminist or Realist?

Speaking for the vast majority of modern-day young women, not many like to be told they need a man to make it in life. Thus, it comes with little surprise that there was an outcry after Princeton University alumna Susan Patton wrote a letter to the girls on campus telling them to find a husband while there.

Moroccan Multiculturalism

Ithaca College student Megan Devlin was among the lineup of American students standing across from the unfamiliar Moroccan families that would soon become their own. Her eyes met with those of a little girl who gazed back in familiarity. When Devlin’s name was called, the little girl ran into her arms, cradled her face in her hands and kissed her on both cheeks.

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