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Sports Across the Atlantic

The home and origins of cricket lie in the walls of the old Lord's Cricket Ground. A short walk from Abbey Road, the oval pitch has hosted over 100 Test Matches. The Lord's Museum has artifacts that are older than the U.S. nation itself, but the highlight of the museum was without a doubt the Ashes. The Ashes are to cricket as the Lombardi Trophy is to American football. They were created by...

Twickenham: The Home of Rugby

Along with football and cricket, rugby is probably one of the top three most popular sports in the United Kingdom. So it's no surprise that Twickenham Stadium and the Museum of Rugby resides in the London surburb of Richmond. The Rugby Football Union stadium amazed me with its massive size, the majesty of its royal and corporate boxes and the simplicity of its dressing rooms.

Football Played With Feet

The American football that we dedicate our Sunday afternoons to today has English origins. The English game however, is quite different from its American counterpart, with a much faster pace, less officiating and play with feet rather than hands. To put it in American terms, I'm speaking of soccer.

O2 Hosts Indoor Tennis Tournament

The O2 Arena usually charges absurd prices for any event they put on, whether it’s a sporting event or a concert.

My Olympic Dream is Partially Fulfilled

Ever since I declared a Sports Studies minor the spring semester of freshman year I knew I wanted to study abroad in London. Not only would it offer me the opportunity to learn more about the timeless sports of football (known by Americans as 'soccer'), rugby and cricket, but it was one of only three cities that had hosted the Olympic Games twice.

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