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The Personal is Political

Among other news stories about Indiana Senators, wars on the middle class and Apple’s controversially titled iPad, President Obama has begun working directly with the U.S. military to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” – a campaign promise that has since been swept under the White House’s rug until recently.Personally, I am thrilled that our Commander-in-Chief (in conjunction with Congress) has...

YouCut (my opinion out)

House Minority Whip Leader Eric Cantor recently released a video on YouTube introducing the latest Republican-crafted form of economic distortion: YouCut.

Legal Racism & Arizona

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer noted that her state's new and highly controversial immigration law would not hurt economic development in the state and that businesses have, in fact, desired such legislation, according to CNN.

As if that’s what everyone is angry about?

Visiting all the Possibilities

Gay rights activists recently lauded President Obama’s extension of hospital visitation rights to LGBTQ couples, strengthening the legal status of same-sex partners in the U.S.

However, a good friend of mine recently brought up an important part of this decision that I hadn’t quite considered previously:

Could this negatively impact the fight for marriage equality?

Banking on Success

Today, President Obama will sign into a law an overhaul of student loans that will cut the role of banks in the entire student loan process, saving taxpayers over $68 billion in the next ten years, according to Retuers News.

Yay! Yes, that’s right: something positive.

You're Approving What?

Between a severe subway bombing in Moscow and Ricky Martin coming out of the closet, how does anyone keep track of what’s going on in the world?

Oh, yeah. We don’t.

It's HEALTHy to CARE about the TRUTH

Today, health care reform passed in the House of the Representatives at the expense of low-income women’s reproductive rights and a new debate on what constitutes Constitutionality.


Permanent BFF-hood

Vice President and former Delaware Senator Joe Biden visited Israel this week, promising them “absolute, total, unvarnished commitment to Israel’s security.”

Thus, Biden espoused the same iPod-on-replay rhetoric politicians have been unquestioningly utilizing for the past forty years.

USAers, get yer guns!

Trigger-happy Americans and their beloved guns – the same weapons that are used to kill nearly 30,000 citizens each year – are probably jumping for joy now that The Supreme Court is seriously considering the extension of second amendment “rights” to state and local levels.

Translation: more guns! More lawsuits! Go team USA!

Healthy Inevitability

The Associated Press headline explains it all quite vividly: Health Care Summit Ends With No Compromise.

Really? How uncharacteristically shocking!

Although many of us anticipated a swift exchange of ideological cooperation and concrete blueprints for effective health care coverage, we were (surprisingly?) left without any progress whatsoever.

Bloc(k)ing Intervention

Countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have decided to construct a regional body that excludes the United States of America and Canada from membership as an alternative bloc to the Organization of American States, according to BBC News.

Frankly, that’s fabulous news.

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