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Rodrigo y Gabriela y Metallica

I've decided to give everyone a Hump Day treat of TWO Cover-Up posts/songs. And this one is close to my heart.

Metallica is not for wussies. They rock against the mellow, they rock against the quiet, and they rock against anyone downloading their music for free. So naturally their song "Orion" is unapologetically metal, as it should be. It has the raw guitar solos, mostly untouched by fancy masking effects, that many frat boys have air guitared in their basements in their underpants. It has a strong and steady drum beat and a menacing baseline. It is by no means meant to be acoustic.

But acoustic it is when Rodrigo y Gabriela cover it. These former cabezas de metal ("metalheads" in Spanish) were part of a thrash metal band called "Tierra Acida" ("Acid Earth") before embarking on their current path. This version of "Orion" has no base, no electric guitar, no drum. Just two people with 6-strings and their hands to drum on the body, and a crowd to be amazed by their traditional Mexican-influenced style.


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