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100 Days Gluten Free

So this is completely unrelated to food, but it was just too good not to share. Besides, food brings people together and apparently clothes do too. Anyway, today I was heading toward the elevator on what seemed like a vacant floor when I came across a woman standing at the elevator. "Hello!" she said jovially and smiled. "Hello," I replied, although not quite as enthusiastically. We stood in...

Day Nine: Getting Personal

This weekend was unexpectedly busy for me, mostly because I spent ages trying to decided that, yes, I did want to spend a huge chunk of money on... an iPad. That's right--I caved. I bought something so hyped up and materialistic that I am actually somewhat embarrassed to tell people. However, I must admit that I am not at all ashamed to use it.

Day Five

Dear Single Potential Reader (that I may or may not have),

Day Four

Hey all! It's Day Four and things are looking up since circumnavigating the croutons. Can't say I've had anything particularly delicious to eat but this weekend marks the beginning of my gluten-free cooking extravaganza! I will let you all know asap what I will be cooking and from which cookbook. Hopefully it will be a good start to a delicious project.

Take One on Day Two

Forgive the short response, but I'm blogging from my phone, which, in my opinion, is pretty stellar. Anyway...

Take Two on Day One

Well, kids here's what we learn from this unfortunate predicament: whenever you write anything you're proud of, strange and invisible forces of nature will undoubtedly conspire against you and make it disappear. So, now that I'm on my second attempt at a beginning, forgive me if my tone is a little sarcastic and rude. I am just not in the mood to be technologically trifled with.

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