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A Guy's Point of View: The Odd Life of Timothy Green

I’m in touch with my manhood. I love cars, root for the hometown teams, and blast blatantly offensive hip hop on a daily basis.

So why The Odd Life of Timothy Green, a movie obviously geared towards women and children? I’ve been forced to sit through many chick flicks, but something about Timothy Green struck a chord. Here’s a kid who comes out of a garden, already eight years old. He’s on a strange planet, has no knowledge of social protocol, and is a complete outcast. Everyone has experienced that feeling, so, understandably, this movie is relatable.

Jennifer Garner is somewhat anti-cast as Cindy Green, who along with her husband Jim—portrayed by Joel Edgerton of Star Wars fame—finds out they can’t have children. The movie consists of the couple telling the story of Timothy Green in flashback.

As much as it pains me to say this, almost everything about the movie is beautiful. CJ Adams, who was chosen to play Timothy after collaborating with Peter Hedges in 2007’s Dan in Real Life, is as charming as he is cute, inspiring great ideas, spreading love, and even falling into it. Timothy truly allows you to forget how harsh the real world is for a full 80+ minutes. As soon as the screening was over, I immediately walked out of the theater and wanted to help someone.

The design and layout of the fictional town of Stanleyville enhanced the “fairytale” element of the story. Leaves and autumn are both central themes in the film. The directors were clever enough to place at least one leaf in each scene. The rest of the cast and plot points complete the viewer’s total immurement into a live action fairy tale.

That being said, this otherwise solid film has one major flaw: the ending. I won’t provide any spoilers, but the last fifteen minutes of the film snaps the viewer back into reality, with the final scene completely alleviating any fairy tale aspects that had been so prevalent. It’s a bit stunning that the writers didn’t perceive how out of place it was, but no movie’s perfect.

Here’s my advice: If you’re a guy stuck in the “let’s see something romantic” situation with your girl, make this movie your first choice. Though it’s not your stereotypical “chick flick” where two depressed lovers chase each other around for two hours, it’s a movie anyone can relate to. It’s like a time capsule back to the good old days when you were sitting on the living room floor as a toddler, watching an animated fairy tale, letting your imagination run wild.

If you want to feel like a child again, or be an outcast through someone else’s eyes, check out The Odd Life of Timothy Green.

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