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October 30th, 2014

Muah Ha Ha-ppy Costuming! What Outfits Can You Expect To See This Halloween?

Can you feel the chill in the air? If so, it’s because Halloween is closing in on us like a stalking wolf in the black of night. Also creeping up is the time left to decide how to dress for the most ghoulish night of the year.

October 29th

Humans of New York: The People Project

Walking down the street in New York City, you pass by people from all different walks of life, each holding different values and goals, and they all have their own unique story.

October 27th

Feminist anthems to live by

Feminism is rocking our world – quite literally. From Emma Watson’s United Nations speech to social media sites to international fights for gender equality to pop culture, it’s an issue that is constantly discussed.

October 22nd

Paul McCartney celebrates 5 years with Meat Free Mondays

This September, Meat Free Mondays, an organization that encourages people to take a pledge to cut meat out of their diets every Monday, celebrated its 5th anniversary. Meat Free Mondays advocates for the “health and environmental benefits of going meatless” through organizing a worldwide pledge to skip meat consumption one day a week.