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January 4th, 2015

Walking in Leelah’s shoes: non-transgender student wears a dress and flats for a day

On Dec. 28 Leelah Alcorn committed suicide in Ohio due to her parents not respecting her gender identity wishes.

January 3rd

Hyperlocal News as a Community Resource

“She was very nice!” Patti Butler exclaimed. “Very sensitive to the issues, saying, ‘Is it ok if I ask you such and such?’ She pretty much stayed on target with what the foundation was about, what our goals were with Art Against Abuse, and I felt very comfortable with what we talked about.”

November 29th, 2014

Whether you like it or not, Toy Story 4 is happening

Pixar is revamping Toy Story, the franchise beloved by all ’90s kids, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced at a quarterly earnings meeting for investors on November 6.

Top 5 movies to complete your holiday season

The month of December is one of my favorite times of year. It’s so magical and wonderful; I don’t even mind the snow because I’m so unbelievably excited for every aspect of the holiday season—even the last minute Christmas shopping. Here are my top 5 favorite holiday movies:

1) The Santa Clause Movies

November 27th

A Lonely Life for the Pardoned Turkey

Every Thanksgiving, since George H.W. Bush’s first official pardon in 1989, a turkey has been saved by the president. I like to picture the White House turkeys grazing on a sunny pasture, living out their glory years as a kind of recompense for the millions who shared a different fate.