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April 21st, 2015

Enter to win $50 in Imprint's Spring Writing Contest!

Enter to win Imprint's Spring 2015 Writing Contest!

Contestants may submit one entry per category. Submissions must not be previously published. Classwork is accepted.
Submissions will be accepted from April 14 - May 1, 2015.
Submit each entry as a word document via email to icimprintmag@gmail.com.

April 14th

New Moon, New Beginnings

What the recent cosmic phenomena mean for your life

Review: 50 Shades of Grey Soundtrack

50 Shades of Grey… More like 50 Shades of YES! Unlike many people, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie when it came out in theaters last month. I mean, being an employee at a Spencer’s Gifts, I clearly read the book. So, honestly, I didn’t have much of a say in the matter when it came to deciding if I saw the movie.

Reliving the Final Drives of Super Bowl XLIX

Down by ten—with a fourth quarter deficit that had never previously been overcome in Super Bowl history-- the New England Patriots began twelve of the best minutes of football they had played this season.

April 13th

Inside the Oscars controversies

If you tuned in to the 2015 Oscars this past February, then you’re sure to be familiar with the racial controversies that stormed the media. Every year, the Oscars seem to bring something worthy of discussing days, and potentially weeks later, but this year was much more worthy than years past.