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About Us

Imprint Magazine is one of a kind. A national college life magazine, exclusively online, based from Ithaca College.

Imprint is comprised of five editorial sections: Arts & Entertainment, Life & Style, Music, Culture & Politics, and Sports, and one creative writing section, Impact.

Imprint was awarded second place in the Society of Professional Journalists' Region 1 Spring 2013 Competition for Best Independent Online Magazine.

There are blogs and features, photo albums and interviews. Sometimes we comment briefly in shorthand, others we report in the form of classic, professional journalism. In our eclectic gathering of prose, genre, ethos, media and intent, Imprint Magazine seeks to capture the multifaceted culture of the undergraduate life. So that's why Imprint, along with everything else over the last 10 years on the college scene, has changed immensely.

One thing consistent, however evolving throughout Imprint's history, is our focus on community. We strive for inclusion through writer/reader connections via comments, and our continual expansion into other social media networks. Look for Imprint Magazine on Facebook and Twitter.

And Imprint Magazine is successfully expanding our contributing boundaries. Since its inception in 2004, writers from Indiana University, Columbia College Chicago, American University and the University of Missouri have signed on, and Imprint is always open for more.

As a community, we can all leave our Imprint.

Imprint Editorial Board

Kyle D. James
Editor in Chief

Hakeem Hopper-Collins
Politics Editor

Kayleigh Jones
Life & Style Editor

Sage Daugherty
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Music Editor

Joelle Goldstein
Sports Editor

Courtney Ravelo
Impact Editor

Rachael Smith
Chief Copy Editor

Haley Bissell
Marketing Director

Steven Gordon